Hi guys

I’m Kristen, mum of 3 boys. Logan my oldest is 6, Blake is 4 (to my ex husband) & Riley 8 months (to Jake).

I’m engaged soon to be married to my partner Jake, wedding planning is super exciting. Cake tasting is a must haha.

Currently in the middle of a custody battle with my adopted mother for my oldest boy Logan as well as sorting out shared care of Logan & Blake with their dad.

I’m a stay at home mum, doing piles of washing, school/daycare pick ups and drop offs, boys football games, PTA meetings, baby play dates, mummy coffee dates, hosting dinners/parties with our friends & little family holidays honestly just yah typical kiwi family with a little extra chaos.

I’ve decided to start a blog mainly to help me express my feelings on the difficult situations I’ve been in/are going through. I’m not very good at sharing how I feel and truthfully it’s made normal everyday situations harder to handle but I believe if I write it down it can help me get through these tough days and maybe connect with people who may be going through this too.

So please bare with me. I’m more than ever welcoming advice with that said I guess it’s time to get started…..

Xo K

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