Money, money, money

We know money isn’t everything but everything needs money and at the end of the day money is numbers and numbers never end. So if it takes money to be happy then your search for happiness will never end. I may have little to nill dollars but since having my boys I’ve realised money isn’t everything and I want my children to know the value of money and not waste it like me. Saving has never come easy for me. Honestly I’ve never been shown how to do it so it’s no shocker to say I don’t have a savings account with money in it.

So why do we live in a society that breeds discontent by defining success as bigger homes, nicer cars, and fuller wardrobes. Im getting so sick and tired of people who have to tell me about how much more money they’re spending on things than I am. If you have to brag about all the material things in your life, there probably isn’t much else to it. I mean no one is going to stand up at your funeral and say “wow she had a really expensive couch and nice shoes.”

I’m no stranger to spending my money for unnecessary reasons and I’ve had/got money issues but now I’m not afraid of them. It seems to be rich people stay rich by living broke where broke people stay broke trying to live rich. In my 26yrs I’ve only just found out about budgeting. Laugh all you like but at least I’ve realised before it was to late and asked for help. Yes reluctantly but I still asked because of my family, and i would do anything for my little family. Ive been told no matter how old your kids are you’ll never want to see them go without and that’s true I would give them everything I had if it meant they’d be happy and healthy for another day.

So my goal now is to be filthy rich but in knowledge, adventure, health, laughter, family and love.

Xo K

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