First Baby On Their Way 👶 Part Two


I’d always wanted a boy first. Now I can go buy boys clothes. Buy him trucks. We can make mud cakes & do boy things. I thought this is going to be the easiest job ever. I’m gonna have a perfect clean home. I’m gonna bake everyday but when I want to go out with friends I just will. My boy will never get sick. Daycare is 100% not a option. He’ll be the biggest Muma’s boy and I will be the only person to watch him.

Sporting my little bump. I was in love. Watching my bump get bigger was amazing and my boobs grew too. Win win haha. I loved going to scans imagining what he’s going to look like when he’s earthside. Oh my gosh and those little butterflies you get when you first feel your baby move. I remember trying to make him kick to which never turned out well, I’d just get a foot in my ribs. As my bump got higher I started using my belly as a table which often that’s when he’d decide to kick. Taking baths was a must. All the weight from him was just gone. Best feeling when heavily pregnant.

As I didn’t have friends with babies I wanted to sign up to antenatal classes. I was so nervous going to my first class more so because my partner wasn’t able to come with me due to work. Thankfully my bestfriend came with me. We had a great time, lots of laughs so I kept going. When I went to the next class I was on my own but so was another expecting mum so we got talking and talking and talking. Honestly I don’t think I listened to anything in class that night, we just got to know each other. We ended up being the best of friends. We’d go to antenatal class together, lunch dates to maccas, do our groceries together. We were inseparable. I was so happy to be able to have a friend I could go through this with.

Antenatal class was not like what you see on tv though thank gosh. Although they did watch a birth video which that was the only class I missed. We got told a lot about signs of labour and how to get through contractions which as this stage I was 100% going to have a epidural, maybe even a C-section. There was no way a baby was going to ruin my vag. We talked about the first few days with baby, breastfeeding etc. Breastfeeding was another thing I had no plans in doing. We also did a hospital visit and went into the neonatal unit, being in there was really upsetting. Even though it’s a place to help little ones no one wants their baby to need to be in there. Seeing those little babies hooked up to all those machines too it was heart breaking.

Putting baby things together really does test your relationship. Putting his crib together was such a horrible experience. I wish we just hired someone to do it and we came home to it all ready and if that doesn’t test you enough how about those hormones. Oh my gosh. One minute your laughing, next your crying. Happy tears, sad tears. I was super happy one day then literally I spilt milk and got angry then cried just cause I made a mess. My floors were wooden it didn’t matter if I spilt anything it was the easiest clean. I’d be angry cause I’m hungry then annoyed cause I ate so much. Upset cause I look pregnant then sad cause I don’t look pregnant enough. How does that even make sense.

As the months go by and my due is getting closer (25th December 2011). It’s crazy hot. I’m getting heavier more uncomfortable than I’d ever imagined. My belly is stretched to the max, my boobs hurt. I just want him here. I’ve cleaned his clothes three times already and repacked my bag gosh knows how many times. Rearranged our rooms. Made sure his car seats are ready. Pram together and in the car already. Im ready! Let’s do this!

Due date here and it’s time to get this boy out. I read every single wives tales. I tried acupuncture and acupressure, I ate spicy food, my friends took me for a drive over speed bumps, nipple stimulation, had the very uncomfortable stretch and sweeps, drank caster oil, went for a big walk, then a friend told me to try having sex.

Later that night ……….

Xo K

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