First Baby On Their Way 👶 Part One

March 2011

Finding out I was pregnant this time around was so different. I was so excited. I found out two months before my 18th birthday. Already in our own place, we didn’t need to plan a move. Luckily, but we did need to buy baby stuff and we bought a lot.

We first bought most if not all the baby books they recommend you read before your baby arrives. Ones about pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby, baby eating, baby sleeping, baby proofing your house/life 🤷🏻‍♀️, labour, baby coming home. You name it we probably bought it. Can’t say I read them all though. Most sat on my bookshelf untouched.

At the start we only told my boyfriends parents to our surprise this time they weren’t as excited to which I later found out was because it made them remember the first time we told them and they were still heartbroken over our decision.

Excited to have my first scan watching out for my little peanut. There was a part of me having flashbacks to the first baby and worrying something could be wrong with this peanut as a punishment for what I’d done. Fears aside peanut was perfect. Hearing peanuts heartbeat made my heart melt. I can’t believe this is really happening. Walking out with my photo and CD I had the widest smile. I’m gonna be a mum this is great!

I was lucky to only get morning sickness if I didn’t eat so literally every morning before my feet touched the floor I’d have to have a plain biscuit and only that, eat anything else and then I’d be sick all day.

It took ages for me to get a baby bump and even when I got one you could only tell if you looked at me side on. I didn’t take a lot of photos of my bump. I dunno why.

With my boyfriend in the Air Force he was away a lot so to keep myself busy I’d clean the house top to bottom and bake. I used to love cleaning and baking. Seriously, my house was always so clean not a tread out of place and then my house always smelt like baking or frangipani spray.

When telling my adoptive parents I was pregnant I was so nervous. I told them just as I started to sport a wee baby bump. They weren’t to happy for us at first. They were disappointed because we weren’t married and having a baby out of wedlock was not part of their religion. So to try ease the disappointment we got married, fast! Before others noticed the bump.

Now married, we started to tell everyone else. Some were excited for us others not as much but it’s happening with or without their support.

As we had less supportive people we decided to not have a baby shower and go buy everything on our own. So we referred to one of our books which there was a lot…

And we bought it all and more. I swear we only used a very small amount of things on this list. Most stayed in its box unused. Even though we bought all this stuff in the end we ended up having a baby shower so got even more things.

When we were able to find out what peanut was there was no way I could wait I wanted to know ASAP.

To be continued….


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