Messy Prince Moments-Baby Powder

This photo was taken after Logan & Blake decided to shake baby powder all over the house. One of the boys messy moments.

As I lay in bed slowly waking up, thinking about how nice it is not to not be woken by the boys yelling, or asking to watch tv or make them food, how lovely it is that it’s quiet……

Wait quiet WHAT THE ….!!!

I leap out of bed panicking. Quiet that’s never a good sign.

As I walk out of my room down the hall to the lounge, it’s like a horror sense. Complete darkness, silence and a flickering light. As I enter the lounge one of the boys is crouched down playing with a little pile of baby powder well the other one is running around the lounge still throwing the powder around.

The shock and look of innocence that appears over their face as they see me walk in the room. “Look Mummy ! Look what we did. Isn’t it cool ? It’s like snow but inside.”

The night before I spent hours cleaning the house top to bottom well the boys sleep, just to do over this morning.

I wanted to yell so bad but honestly they were so proud of themselves I couldn’t crash that. I just got cleaning. Little did I realise I’d just agreed to them doing this in the future.

Xo K

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