Messy Prince Moments- TP-ing The House

In this photo the boys got creative with toilet paper…

It was another silent morning. Jake & I were newly together so because Jake was such a gentlemen he offered to investergate.

Jake calls me. I reluctantly roll out of bed thinking damn this can’t be good.

As soon as I walk into the hall, I see it….

Toilet paper. EVERYWHERE !!

The day before we went out & bought a HUGE packet of toilet paper. In hope it’d last us a while. Obviously the boys had another idea.

They’d TP-ed the whole lounge. Floor, table, chairs, couch even the tv but it didn’t stop there.

A trail lead us to the kitchen. Where the boys had weaved it through the cupboard handles, by the fridge, (I’m guessing they were trying to wrap it around the fridge.) Another BIG pile by the food cupboard.

Again we follow the trial, wondering where it all started. Can you guess where the “toilet” paper lead us ?

No other than the toilet. There was probably at least 10 rolls unrolled in there. Also more wrapped around the toilet. Curiously I looked in the toilet only to find more ripped up paper & even a full roll.

By the end of it we only had a few half rolls. Needless to say we had to buy more.

As annoyed as I was at the time. Jake & I can only laugh about this now.

Xo K

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