D Day feat.Logan Lucas Owen-Part One

28th December 2011

Feeling extremely uncomfortable, more so than normal. I tried to get some sleep. I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable but nothing was working. A couple hours pass and still no sleep. Since I wasn’t finding the bed comfortable I moved out to the couch. Finally drifting off to sleep I was quickly woken up with a stabbing feeling in my lower back. I honestly got the fright of my life, thinking what the heck is wrong with me. Since I’d been having Braxton Hicks the last couple of days I thought it was happening again so I decided to keep quite. Trying to fall asleep, again and again I get woken by these pains.

29th December 2011

It was 7am and something changed, I knew then & there it was go time. I texted my midwife telling her I think I’m in labour. She told me to monitor my contractions, check how far apart they are and call her when I can’t handle the pain anymore. Since my partner was still asleep I tried to be brave & get through most of it on my own, knowing (thinking) I was in for a long night.

I always thought I was such a chicken when it came to pain. As a kid I’d always play it up even if I wasn’t really hurt 🀣 They say the pain is like getting period cramps….I guess since being young I hadn’t had period cramps before so had no idea what it felt like but I was definitly scared.

A couple hours later I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldnt stand or barely walk. I was literally curled up like a ball on the floor. I yelled at my partner to get up and rang my midwife saying I’d meet her at the hospital.

Just as I get up I feel like I’ve just peed my pants. Feeling super embarrassed I quickly change then head out the door. As I was on my way out I rang my (adopted) mum saying I’m off to the hospital. As she lived next door she popped over to see me. All of a sudden I’m balling my eyes out. Saying how I can’t do this & that I needed her with me (we were very close, we’d do everything together) she gave me a big hug and reasured me I’d be fine and that soon enough my boy would be here and she’d see us soon. I’d told her in my blubbering mess I’d peed my pants. She laughed and told me “No Buba that’s your water breaking.” Partly relieved I went on my way, arched over and still blubbering.

On our way to the hospital every little movement in the car was painful. I felt like I couldn’t sit on my bum. I was kind of squating over the seat. Yelling at my partner to hurry up and drive faster, these pains were getting more intense.

Pulling into the hospital car park, my frustration was raising. Parked in the delivery area approaching the doors. Ready to push the buzzer but a nurse walks past & opens the door for us. Due to pain I had to stop once inside. Walking towards the elevator it finally hit me. I’m about to have my baby boy & be a mum. Truly I freak out saying over & over again I’m not ready I can’t do this. For some reason it seemed like the elevator took ages. I leant up against the wall taking another breather well we wait.

As the elevator goes up I felt my waters leak again but more this time. Once upstairs we got put into a room.

To be continued….

Xo K

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