Just Can’t Adult Today

So today I was meant to hang out with a couple of my girlfriends unfortunately plans changed but now I’m feeling totally shit.

Logan had a school thing on this morning and truthfully i didn’t want to go but now that plans changed I feel like I’m a bad mum.

What makes me feel worse is that he said he wanted me there today. Knowing other parents couldnt make it I thought he wouldn’t mind if I didnt either.

Unfortunately we don’t live in the same town they were performing in and I hadn’t showered or done my hair. It’s also abit of a drive for us and with fuel prices at the moment we wouldn’t of been able to come back.

We have football prizegiving tonight which is going to take up a lot of our evening as well as little things to do beforehand so honestly I was hoping I’d get in some adult time.

I love my boys so much but sometimes I feel like I need “me time”.

With Jake away & zero contact, it’s just me & the boys home. So adult wise it can get pretty lonely.

I know I choose this life but sometimes I wish it’d be easier.

I’d love to hear some advice from other people that have partners who go away often and how you get through. Also I hope I’m not the only one who sometimes just doesn’t want to adult the day.

Xo K

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