D Day feat.Logan Lucas Owen-Part Two

(This is not a photo of the twin room just a room at the hospital.)

Once upstairs we got put into a room. Since it was busy (Christmas season) we ended up in the twin suite.

It was HUGE!!

A midwife from the hospital came in, to take away all the extra baby stuff. There was a beautiful big spa bath, not that I had any plan of using it 🤣

Before the midwife left she asked if I’d like some pain relief. I asked what she’d be giving me (gas) and what it does, side effects, etc. As I thought this didnt sound like something I’d want to try, I decided to stick it out abit longer.

Well waiting for my midwife to arrive I started having a constant feeling of needing to pee. As I didnt know what was happening I sat myself on the loo.

Soon enough the pains were making me throw myself off the toilet seat. I yelled to the midwife to bring in the gas.

As another pain comes on. One deep breath in and another. All of a sudden the gas hits me. I felt so dizzy, I stumble around the bathroom trying to find my balance. Feeling like I’m about to be sick I ask for the gas be taken away.

As the portable gas goes out the bathroom door I reach out for it as another pain comes on. Realizing I may need this gas to get through these contractions I hold on to it tight, not letting it out of my hand again.

My midwife arrives and gets started on my paperwork. Needing to have my first check and to try get more comfortable I get up on the bed. “5cm down just another five to go.” She says. Feeling good I’d gotten this far on my own, now the waiting game begins. Little did I know it wasn’t going to be as long of a wait as I thought.

Contraction after contraction still with the gas in hand. I suddenly got the feeling I was pushing. Unsure what was happening. I told my midwife I thought something was changing and that I may be pushing.

At first she didnt believe me as she’d just finished doing my first check but as she checked, I started to push again. She said she could see his head crowning. Unknown to what that meant, I was soon about to.

My midwife rushed off to sort out everything for our wee boys arrival. Turns on the the heater with his first outfit over it and gets his blankets and the area prepared where he’ll have his first checks, blood prick etc. She also calls for a hospital midwife to help assist.

The hospital midwife prepares all the things I asked for in my birth plan. One which was a mirror. I don’t know why but I thought I’d have a epidural and just calmly sit and watch myself give birth.

As she wheeled the mirror over she tried to get me to turn around so I’d be able to see. I was not having a bar of it. I’d found a comfortable position laying over the back of the bed and I was in no way moving.

I don’t believe they do the mirror anymore but if you’ve seen it. Its bloody huge. There was no way you’d miss out on anything that was going on down there and realistically once in that moment I did not want to see or remember it.

I felt as if this women was demanding I turn over to watch the final stage of my labour. She most likely only asked once but that once sent me overboard. “I don’t want to look so f$#@ off!!” With that my midwife asked her to take it away.

If you don’t know a women in labour can not be reasoned with, not one bit. If she asks for something you get it even if its impossible at that stage or you fake it. You pretend like you have it or it’s on its way. Warning never under any circumstances answer “No” Game Over.

My body was now in the stage of pushing and I had no control over it. Pretty soon though my midwife was asking I push with the contractions. Truthfully at the start I didnt and just let my body do it. What was about to happen next I remember so clearly.

The burning ring of fire.

If you know you know, if not it’s when the babys head is about to come through the birth canal and you experience the feeling like your vag is on fire. Literally the worse feeling EVER!

Once past this stage my midwife said my babys head was out and in a few more pushes I’d be able to hold my little boy. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now that his head was out you could see it was full of hair. Jet black hair. My midwife asked if I’d like to feel it. Also to show me how close I was. Thinking it seemed weird but i reached down and felt his head. I burst into tears. Realizing this was real I was in any minute going to be a mum.

Another contraction and another push more determined now so I could cuddle my baby. With the next contraction I took a final deep breath in and pushed as strong as I could, I was so close my midwife asked me to push again. Being so extremely tired I felt like I was getting no where.


. . . . . . . .

Xo K

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