A Special Surprise

Weeks before we were to say ‘I Do’ I noticed something different about my body… It seemed like I was sporting a wee baby bump. As I had no symptoms I brushed it off pretty quickly.

It was the night of my hens night and as you do I was throwing the drinks back but unlike other times I was feeling these drinks a lot more. Regardless I AGAIN brushed it off putting it down to not eating dinner.

A couple days before we were to fly up to Kerikeri Jake had mentioned he thought I looked pregnant. I laughed and said “yeah you’d like that so you get all the alcohol to yourself”.

I questioned now if I actually could be…

I wasn’t due to have my period till our wedding so was wondering if I wait to see if I get it or take a test and see if it’d show up.

As I knew how much I drunk the weekend before at my hens night I didnt think it’d be a good idea drinking a lot on two accassion if I was in fact pregnant.

So we took a test… But this time Jake wanted to be the one to tell me if we were pregnant. How you ask ? Well I would simply pee on the stick, turn it over, hand it to him, then he would tell me.

So I did, I went out that next morning and bought a test. I knew he’d be home after P.T so I would do it then.

Jake came home as he normally would, had his shower, made a smoothie and made me a cuppa. I told him I got the test like planned and ask if we should do it now or at lunch? He I’m sure was so excited he wanted to know now, as did I. So I peed on the test and handed it to him… With that he looked at it and to my knowledge put it in his pocket as one of his friends turned up to walk back to work with him.

Little did I know Jake planned to hold on to this news till he got home from work. I was not having it at all but he just kept walking.

I literally sat in the lounge just waiting for him to get home for lunch. I’d check my phone every hour wondering where he was, if he was going to message me saying I’ll see you after work cause something came up.

If anyone could see me at this time I probably looked like a crazy lady. So I decided I’d go visit my girlfriend on the other side of housing to keep me sane.

When I was about ready to spam his phone with texts asking if hes coming home. He texted me saying he was home. I got in the car so fast and run inside. I asked him “so what’d it say? It’s been killing me all morning.” He had this cheeky grin on his face knowing what it was when I had no idea.

He for some reason kept trying to hug me and ignored what I was saying. It took me ages till I realized he’d wrote something on our letterboard.

It said……




To be continued

Xo K

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