Oh Baby !!

It said…


Although it was a bit of a shock I was absolutely over the moon, as was Jake.

Jake was keen to have another baby as soon as we had Ry and even though I’d tell people I’d like a big age gap I was more than happy to have a similar age gap as Logan and Blake.

I’ve heard alot lately of people saying “two under two, that’ll be hard” but I guess I’ve done it before so it’s normal and to be totally honest I’m more worried about sharing my time between 4 kids and trying to stay involved in school activities then their age.

As you may know Jake and I now share Logan and Blake with their Dad and his partner as a week on week off basis which I think will make this pregnancy in a way easier. I can spend some one on one time with Ry before his little sibling arrives and I can still have adult time with Jake without taking time away from Logan and Blake.

Only two weeks till we say “I do” I was a little worried weather we tell people or keep it quiet. Also if our guests would be able to tell cause my dress was fitting.

We decided we’d tell Jake’s immediate family and tell our bridal party first.

We went up a week before as we had last minute wedding things to sort out. I think it was the first night we got there they had a street party on so went to that with Jake’s sister. As we knew it was a street party we decided to tell Jake’s sister on the way.

We made it seem really casual and I handed her my phone with the above picture showing and said “oh yeah look at this…”

She was just as excited as we were. Next to tell Jake’s parents. We talked about a plan with Jake’s sister on how to tell them.

We decided…




To be continued

Xo K

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